Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Aquarium, Fireworks and RSL, oh my!

This week has been so crazy busy so far! On Monday we took a mini-trip to the aquarium. I tried to take photos, but out of respect to others and the animals decided against it. Fishes don't need to be traumatized by flash photography! The living planet aquarium is amazing though! The volunteers were so educated and knew all about their animals. The penguins were my favorite, they slept for the most part, and we got to witness "bathtime". They swam all around in the water and shook their bums all over. So cute!
After the aquarium we went to Taylorsville city park. There they were closing Taylorsville Dayzz and hosting a concert from the Utah Symphony and the Utah Cannoneers. The music was awesome, the smells fantastic, and the fireworks were awesome! We even met Darrik, a good friend of ours there and had company to enjoy the show with. Nothing was better than lying down a big, old, ugly blanket, drinking out of water bottles and people watching in the park during sunset. The Utah Symphony played a variety of music that both Bubba and I enjoyed.
 First show of the year and it certainly didn't dissapoint!
Tuesday we went down to the "Fortress" Rio Tinto Stadium down in Sandy to watch a Gold Cup game, Real Salt Lake vs. Wilmington, NC (the Hammerheads) play. The tickets were cheap for midfield seats and we got to take the whole family (my parents, bro and one of his friends). We had lots of fun cheering, yelling, hollering at the refs, and listening to other hecklers! I posted all the photos from the game on my facebook page and am working on odds and ends for my photography page!

Sponsor Love: Scentsy!

I wanted to take a moment to share with you some sponsor love!

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I just put in an order with Emily and am so exicited for it to come in! Go-Go-Goji is my husbands favorite and Sunkissed Orange is mine! Their sprays are so amazing, I love mine and use it in my car all the time! (So much more affordable and pleasant than car air fresheners!)

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Utah Arts Festival 2011

Yesterday Bubba and I went downtown to the Utah Arts Festival. It was so much fun! Lots of interesting vendors, lots of fun artwork and lots of interesting people!

I loved these flowers, the colors were so pretty, I wished I had a front yard to put them in! Bubba pointed them out to me, and I am so glad I did! Look at them! They were made of colored glass and were also made LOCAL! Can you go wrong with that? I think not!
The art festival covered about two or three city blocks, including City Hall, the Salt Lake City Library and all the spaces in-between. The day was sunny, cloudless and *sigh* perfect.

This is the dragon from the Children's Museum. Each kid could color a scale and a volunteer would add it to the dragon. He wasn't even halfway done when we say him on Saturday afternoon. I hope he gets finished! He will be at the Children's Museum (at the Gateway Mall, across from Clarke Planetarium) once he is completed.

Confession: I have no idea whose kid this is, but it was too cute NOT to share. He was talking to the dinosaur, who actually moved his head up and down. When I saw it, I had to photograph it! Adorable!
There were lots of "Random Acts of Art" left around the park, and all of it was knitted. These are called "knit attacks" and have generally been seen when knitters have meetups. I wish I could've met the artists of these yarn creations to talk with them and meet the artists! At least I got a chance to capture the art in photos!

The glass blowers were making art while we watched. They were making glass balls when we were there and allowing visitors to try their hand at it. They did have lots of pieces hanging up that they had been making since Thursday, this being one of them. I fell in love with it, mostly the vibrant colors, would look great in a Mexican-themed kitchen!

I love the literary arts. This was seen on the doors to the Salt Lake Community College writing center. Bubba pointed it out to me and I fell in love with it. Growing up I loved magnetic poetry and my poor parents had those magnets everywhere at home. This photo took me back, thank you "little monkey"
I had never been to the SLC library before! Hubs agreed to let me go inside and wander, and what a pleasure it was to check it out! If you have a phobia of heights like I do, it can be intimidating at the top, but it was so much fun to explore and check everything out!
On the roof of the library there is a view unlike any other. I had to snag photos of my favorite school/hospital/SLC area- The U of U! Such a great view!
Bubba and I on the roof, taking a break from all the art and excitement. I am so lucky I had a husband that will go with me to places like this and not whine the whole time. I had a great time!
Until next time,