Thursday, April 12, 2012

DIY Map Nails

We've all seen the trend for newspaper nails, and you may have even seen the scrapbook paper nails, but have you seen these map nails?! I LOVE maps and so when I realized I could do these, I was EXCITED! The day after doing them I had to go to work to get ready for my return (I cannot believe my maternity leave is over already!) and I got a LOT of compliments from my colleagues about this nail style. 

What You'll need:
White Nail Polish
Clear Nail Polish
Rubbing Alcohol

How to do it:
Paint two coats of nail polish onto the nail and let dry thoroughly. I painted mine in the morning and did the maps that afternoon. If white is too bright for you, use a base or tan color. 

Cut map into small pieces, I measured them to the size of my nails. This makes them easier to apply. Put rubbing alcohol on the back of it and rub it onto nail with a Q-Tip for at least a minute. Press firmly and use the Q-tip to cover the entire nail. Pull off gently. 

The pattern will now be on the nail. Cover with a clear coat of nail polish and let dry. 

Show off your nails and love em! 


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  2. I have to dry this!! Thanks for sharing! Sharing on my networks!

  3. it didnt work what kind of material do u need for ur map

  4. also looks great when newspaper is used.