Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Back to Work

Hey all. 

Just wanted to post a tiny update. I went back to work this week. It wasn't as terrible as I expected it to be, but still a bummer nonetheless. I didn't realize how much I loved my job or missed my colleagues until now. They seriously rock. Meanwhile, Little dude is 11 weeks old. (Here's the photos from last week)
Holy cow. Where did the time go?!

Little man has been waking up with more and more personality every day. He is smiling more and more, and at least smirking at us more. He loves bathtime and splashes like none other! He's been wiggling lots and enjoying life, and his babysitter. Things are fantastic. 

I've got tutorials, recipes and DIY's in the works, so please, bear with me while I get them finished up. With little dude around and going back to work its been tough to get them done. 

Hope y'all are doing well!

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