Tuesday, April 17, 2012

DIY "Cosmo" Nails

I'm sure you have heard of Newspaper nails, or even Map Nails, but "Cosmo Nails?" 

I was flipping through my issue of Cosmo and was admiring their font. I then found myself curious as I was eyeballing the small print, could I put these on my nails? 

Guess what? You can!
AND its easier than newspaper to transfer! 

You'll need white (or base) nail polish, clear nail polish and rubbing alcohol. Apply two coats of polish. Once dry, apply magazine paper to your nails and rub with a Q-Tip for best results. Peel back and admire!  (The blue on my ring finger? It says "FUN", both ring fingers have it. My thumb has dating advice.) 

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