Saturday, April 21, 2012

Headin' Down to the Farm

Friday was the day that we finally didn't have any plans. My goal was to get the house clean, but as soon as I got off of work and picked up Brayden, I realized how beautiful the day was and knew we couldn't NOT go outside and do something! I packed a picnic lunch and as soon as Bubba got home we headed off to Wheeler Farm for our family night!

When we got there, it was surprisingly not as busy as I thought it would be. We put Brayden in the stroller and checked out all the cute baby animals, fed the ducks and read up on the history of the farm.

This goat had me laughing so hard. As we approached, he stuck his head in there and kept looking at us, as if to say "HEY GUYS!" Bubba and I both got a big kick out of it!

My hot husband. He's so handsome! Can you believe he's lived in Utah his whole life and never been to Wheeler Farm? He loved it!

Bubba insisted on pushing the stroller. His words? "Real men push strollers." He loves his little man, and I won't try to get between the two of them. They're already best buddies.

We sat down to have our picnic lunch and to feed Brayden. He was in a great mood, making all sorts of cooing noises and enjoying being outside. He is always so happy when he's in the stroller!

Is that not one of the biggest, cutest smiles you've ever seen? Told you he was happy!

He kept looking at daddy and cooing at him. Bubba and I were seriously enjoying the great day with our little man. The only thing he didn't like was the loud barking of the really big (and mean!) geese, that just didn't sit well with him and he got grumpy, so we had to leave.

After dinner the little dude crashed in his daddy's arms and we headed home for the evening. I'm so glad I decided that the chores could wait. Making memories like that is so worth it!

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