Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hairstyled Up and In

I am loving finding new ways to style my hair for work. This week I've been playing with low ponytails and buns, instead of my normal medium to high styles. Today I tucked it low and up into itself and it turned out very pretty.

This style takes less than 5 minutes to do and about 5 bobby pins to secure it with (if that, depending on your hair length!)

You will first make a low ponytail and secure your hair with an elastic. I secured it a bit loose so that I could flip the ponytail better. To flip the ponytail you will seperate it in half with your fingers above the elastic, then take the tail and pull it through the hole between the parts you just seperated. This will make a very pretty ponytail as is, and you COULD leave it at that to be totally honest.

After you've pulled the tail though you will repeat this step until you've created the bun, so to speak. Use bobby pins to secure the ponytail in place as well as any loose ends (if your hair is layered like mine is, you'll need about 5 bobby pins). Use hairspray as needed.

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