Sunday, February 9, 2014

100,000 views and a BIG change

I had no idea that the blog would explode like it has over the last month. Between Pinterest and searches online for recipes, our little blog has exploded into something I could never have dreamed of. Today, as I sat down to write this post, I found that we had hit 100,000 views.

What an amazing anniversary to have hit, as I announce our new blog...

Yep guys, we are now a DOT COM. Head on over, subscribe via bloglovin so you don't miss out on any of the fun and recipes we've got in store (and trust me, I have more than a few waiting to be posted!), and join us as we start a whole new blogging adventure!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Carrie's Baby Shower

The lack of posting over here has not been for nothing. We've been busy! One of the reasons for our slower posting schedule is we were getting ready for Carrie's baby shower!

My sister in law, Amanda made these adorable centerpieces. Love how she incorporated a thank you in them too! So darling!

But this diaper carriage blew us all away - how darling is this?! Amanda included everything Carrie loves in it, frogs, purple, pink and all things adorable. 

I did the clothesline to this lovely set up. Isn't everything all put together just lovely? I thought it turned out really, really cute. 

Here are the favors that I made and put together. We didn't want to do just one of anything, so we did a little of everything, Lipsticks, lip gloss, nail polish, and hand sanitizers! 

My mother in law ordered the cake, isn't it cute?
Not just that, but it was TASTY. 

Us Workman's cannot have a normal party without a chicken salad sandwich.
Also, chips are a must. 

When it came to clothes and presents, this little girl will have plenty to wear!

And everything she got was simply adorable.

Shameless Carrie, her mom gave her her blessing gown and her old blankie...well whats left of it.
It was a beautiful baby shower and a fun night. It was so great being able to see family and friends and give Carrie and baby Dezarae the love they deserve as they start this new adventure in their lives. We love you Aunt Carebear!