Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Birthday Bash (Saturday Night)

Last night we celebrated Bubba's 23rd Birthday with my family. I am the luckiest girl ever that my family adores him as much as I do!
My parents came by to pick us up for the Real Salt Lake game and surprised him with a soccer cake and some gifts. Bubba, being the victim of many jokes received one of them as a gift: re-gifted soap that I had given my mom.
He did receive an awesome gift from my dad, it was a new RSL jersey (his other one was fitting funny). It was originally a call-up jersey, meaning that they didn't have the "Xango" printed across the front. My dad convinced the gals at the RSL team store to print the Xango across the front and put Fabian Espindola's name and number on the back. Bubba LOVED it!

We went to Spaghetti Mama's before the game and enjoyed awesome Italian food. Dad took photos from dinner (I posted one of them here) and we enjoyed great conversation with my parents. It was great!

We headed over to the RSL game where we watched them play against the Columbus Crew. We didn't win, but it was still a great night and a great game of defense played by RSL.

After the game we got home and enjoyed the delicious birthday cake and a few rounds of Halo Reach with friends. It was a fantastic day! Thanks for everything guys, Bubba loved it!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Bubba!

Can you believe this stud is only 23 years old?! Well he is, and despite feeling older than dirt (thanks to a great workout/police testing), he is so far enjoying a great day!

However, his fun hasn't even begun for the day yet, we will be going out tonight for dinner with my parents and to the RSL game. Tomorrow we get to go to Terrie and Cory's and enjoy a great dinner (Cashew Chicken, yum!), time in the pool, and of course a great time!

I will be posting lots of photos, until then,

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

24th Of July- A Parade Preview

Last week we went to the Parade Preview at South Towne Expo Center in Sandy. After running errands all afternoon we really struggled to make it there on time, but when we did, it was so much fun! I absolutely LOVE seeing the band in full uniform and listening to them play in an indoor venue really was awesome to hear.
The band played for about thirty minutes and it went great. I did like that they took requests, however for most people not knowing lots of Scots songs and melodies there were some repeated songs.

They did play my favorite song though, which is Clusmy Lover, it is a chaotic, crazy, and drunken-style song. When I requested it, he asked if the audience could come up with any other song, because it is a very difficult song to play on the pipes, and only two of our five drummers knew any sort of music for it. I added it to the post, and the quality is horrible for two reasons: digging for batteries in my purse, dodging kids and well, yes, I did dance a little bit. (Okay, thats three things, but its true.)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The UP! House

I love this concept, the media attention it is getting and how cute it is! Do you recognize this house? It's the house from Disney's UP! KSL has the full set of photos on their website (just search UP House).
The house was made exactly like the movie has it, from the unique bathtub, to the paintings on the walls! Even the Mailbox says "Carl and Ellie!" I think this is so adorable!
Bangerter homes built this home and I really hope to see more photos from this house while they have it open to the pubic (per KSL they'll have it open to the public for a little bit of time before handing over the keys and making it very private for the owners).

Would you move into a place like this? If it had enough room and we had the means of paying for it, I very well might!
I do not own this photo, it was found on Tumblr.

Pirates at the Pirate Party!

My nephew turned SEVEN this weekend! Where has the time gone?

He is probably the luckiest kid ever simply due to his grandma and grandpa. He told them it was a pirate party, and they came dressed for the occasion! (Everyone loved it!)

We all swam, had fun and ate yummy birthday cake with lots of frosting!

Happy Birthday Sir-Jay! We love you!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Photo of our lil Peanut

Had to go get a better ultrasound today due to the doc not being able to get a clear photo yesterday- and here it is! Our lil Peanut! Today the baby is 7 weeks old and 6 days. Per the ultrasound tech the sooner the ultrasound, the better the estimate for the due date. Our due date is now Feb 25th, 2012, instead of Feb 29th, 2012, which we had guessed yesterday. Baby's gonna come when it wants to come- due dates really don't mean much :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Oh Baby Update!

We go to the obgyn on Wednesday to determine the babys gestational age. We are both very excited about this appointment and for the ultrasound! Luckily I have the day off work so I'll be able to rest up and puke it out first thing in the morning.

Bubba and I are both so excited and cannot wait!

I'll post photos when I can.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

 The 4th of July was just a little too crazy for my liking! Two parades, family events and an RSL game oh my!
We started the day off at the Murray Parade, then ran like hell to get to the West Jordan Parade so that we could make both band appearances. It was Bubba's first parade back since he finished the Police academy and was so excited to be back in the game! He looks awfully handsome in his skir-I mean, Kilt.

After that we took a short nap then went over to my parents house for a BBQ before the ReAL game. We enjoyed Brauts and holiday salads and enjoyed the weather while we could!
The RSL game was TENSE. Personally, I call it the worst game in RSL history only due to the ref's foolish calls. I truly hope that the ref gets fined or is no longer allowed to call for RSL, because that was ridiculous.

The Jason Kreis retirement ceremony was awesome. I love Kreis as our coach he's young, but skilled, classy and kind.

The fireworks afterwards were cool- it was interesting to see them shoot them off in the middle of the field instead of behind the jumbotron like they usually do- but still cool nonetheless!
Hope you had a happy fourth!

Pool Party, Fireworks and Cute Kids!

We went to the Workmans on Sunday to enjoy the pool with the kiddos, to enjoy great food and to enjoy celebrating the holiday with family. I had so many photos I don't know what to do with them all! Luckily I was told about the collage feature on Picnik and after trying it fell in love with it!

The main photo is of CJ getting tossed by grandpa in the pool. The top right is of when the boys broke the pool and we had to take a few moments to fix it. The middle photo is of the older boys splashing and making lots of waves for the kids. The last photo on the bottom is of Cory throwing Bubba in the pool. Glad Cory didn't break his back. 

Ahhh. Fireworks. The kids were so much fun with the sparklers (glad they enjoyed them- I am terrified of them!). Brent and Carrie bought the fireworks and we enjoyed camping out on the front yard and enjoying our evening.

Theres evidence of Grandma in all of these photos, we all had some chocolate from the ice cream cones on our faces, and it was too dark to tell without the flash for the photos! I tried to photoshop some of it out- but no luck. The chocolate had to stay!

Holy Crap - An Update!

Went to my PCP's office today. We did blood, urine and he did an abdominal exam, to rule out bursting cysts. The urine was positive (that will be my 6th test!), blood was positive and I'll be going to the OB next week. So anxious- but so excited.

In the meantime we've nicknamed this baby barf, since its all I do now that hes here. I think its adorable how cute Bubba is about this. We are both so excited! :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Holy Crap!

Well, this explains alot lately. After throwing up, feeling crummy and not doing well since my miscarriage earlier this year... well, this is what we discovered today. And it didn't take the whole 3 minutes to show up, it showed up immediately.


Riverton Fireworks and Carnival

Two carnivals in two days! How did I ever get so lucky? I stumbled upon this after posting a inquiry on facebook about where local fireworks shows are. After much confusion I googled the ones that were suggested to find that Riverton City was having fireworks and a fair and that their show was spectacular. Of course I had to go!

My parents wanted to go as well, and they provided the transportation there for Bubba and I. Thank goodness, cause I don't think I could've handled dealing with that kind of craziness! If you decide to go in the future make sure you are willing to park a few blocks away- anything close to it is insanely packed and busy! (Unlike West Jordan's carnival, which held plenty of legal parking spots -way to go WJ!)

They did have much better rides though, and I noticed that the company that held this carnival was based out of Plesant Grove, UT, unlike the one hosted in West Jordan, which was based off of the east coast. Between all the rides, the friendly Carnies and the colors, it was a perfect night to have a camera!

We did take a moment to try a place called Bomb-Diggitys. It is where the old TCBY/Taco Time used to be off of 12600 S. They sell Buffalo Burgers and Frozen Custard. The burgers weren't really that fantastic to be honest, and later we discovered that its a combination of beef and buffalo, but the custard was amazing! You definitley need to try it!

We camped out on blankets by the skatepark and enjoyed the night, listening to the skateboarders and watching them play, hearing the music from the carnival rides and enjoying the company. It was a very beautiful night! Not a cloud in the sky!

Some of the locals that lived near the park had purchased fireworks that shot off high in the sky as well. They shot theirs off before the firework show and gave us all a cute and fun sneek peek of all the fun that was awaiting us.

The carnival was kind enough to turn off the lights when the fireworks went off (unlike Taylorsville City did on Monday). They kept the lights on the rides on, which made it that much cooler to see and enjoy.

Whoever was the pyrotech on this show really knew how to make an audience sit and stare. There were several moments of "Oh, I think this is the grand finale!", but then he'd fire off some more and keep us all interested for whatever was next. Whoever it was, was definitley a talented pyrotech.

The variety of fireworks was neat too, the colors were so bright and the shapes and the way he shot them in orders was beautiful. Needless to say, Riverton City's Fireworks did NOT disappoint!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

West Jordan Stampede / Independence Day Festival

Confession: I have never been to a carnival before!

After much consideration I decided that I was going to go to one before the summer was over, and what better of a day than the start of the Independence Day Weekend!

Since Veterans Memorial Park isn't far from our home I walked down there with my camera and went all out, taking lots of photos and enjoying the warm, sunny evening. I love this first photo, it takes me back to my favorite Amusement Park- Worlds of Fun in Kansas City.

I love this photo of the "Zipper" in action. Personally, I am not a fan of the ride, but I enjoyed watching people enjoy it and hearing the yelps of excitement!

The only complaint I did have was the carnies. They were VERY over-the-top and I was glad that the West Jordan Police dept was there in full force. I felt much safer knowing they were there!

As a roller coaster junkie, I loved this photo of the tracks on their mini coaster. The rides were very old school, and I loved the colors of the old tracks on this coaster.

This is the view of West Jordan City Hall, with the Uintah's behind it. So pretty and such a perfect day! I love that you can get a photo like this in the middle of a city.

This last one is another favorite. The ferris wheel with the sun peeking out behind it. Such a pretty view just as the sun was starting to set! So glad I was able to go down and check it out!

If you get a chance to over the next few days, do it! It'll be there til Monday night when it ends with the big fireworks display (West Jordan's fireworks never cease to impress!). Go check it out!