Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

 The 4th of July was just a little too crazy for my liking! Two parades, family events and an RSL game oh my!
We started the day off at the Murray Parade, then ran like hell to get to the West Jordan Parade so that we could make both band appearances. It was Bubba's first parade back since he finished the Police academy and was so excited to be back in the game! He looks awfully handsome in his skir-I mean, Kilt.

After that we took a short nap then went over to my parents house for a BBQ before the ReAL game. We enjoyed Brauts and holiday salads and enjoyed the weather while we could!
The RSL game was TENSE. Personally, I call it the worst game in RSL history only due to the ref's foolish calls. I truly hope that the ref gets fined or is no longer allowed to call for RSL, because that was ridiculous.

The Jason Kreis retirement ceremony was awesome. I love Kreis as our coach he's young, but skilled, classy and kind.

The fireworks afterwards were cool- it was interesting to see them shoot them off in the middle of the field instead of behind the jumbotron like they usually do- but still cool nonetheless!
Hope you had a happy fourth!

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