Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pool Party, Fireworks and Cute Kids!

We went to the Workmans on Sunday to enjoy the pool with the kiddos, to enjoy great food and to enjoy celebrating the holiday with family. I had so many photos I don't know what to do with them all! Luckily I was told about the collage feature on Picnik and after trying it fell in love with it!

The main photo is of CJ getting tossed by grandpa in the pool. The top right is of when the boys broke the pool and we had to take a few moments to fix it. The middle photo is of the older boys splashing and making lots of waves for the kids. The last photo on the bottom is of Cory throwing Bubba in the pool. Glad Cory didn't break his back. 

Ahhh. Fireworks. The kids were so much fun with the sparklers (glad they enjoyed them- I am terrified of them!). Brent and Carrie bought the fireworks and we enjoyed camping out on the front yard and enjoying our evening.

Theres evidence of Grandma in all of these photos, we all had some chocolate from the ice cream cones on our faces, and it was too dark to tell without the flash for the photos! I tried to photoshop some of it out- but no luck. The chocolate had to stay!

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