Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The UP! House

I love this concept, the media attention it is getting and how cute it is! Do you recognize this house? It's the house from Disney's UP! KSL has the full set of photos on their website (just search UP House).
The house was made exactly like the movie has it, from the unique bathtub, to the paintings on the walls! Even the Mailbox says "Carl and Ellie!" I think this is so adorable!
Bangerter homes built this home and I really hope to see more photos from this house while they have it open to the pubic (per KSL they'll have it open to the public for a little bit of time before handing over the keys and making it very private for the owners).

Would you move into a place like this? If it had enough room and we had the means of paying for it, I very well might!
I do not own this photo, it was found on Tumblr.

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