Tuesday, July 26, 2011

24th Of July- A Parade Preview

Last week we went to the Parade Preview at South Towne Expo Center in Sandy. After running errands all afternoon we really struggled to make it there on time, but when we did, it was so much fun! I absolutely LOVE seeing the band in full uniform and listening to them play in an indoor venue really was awesome to hear.
The band played for about thirty minutes and it went great. I did like that they took requests, however for most people not knowing lots of Scots songs and melodies there were some repeated songs.

They did play my favorite song though, which is Clusmy Lover, it is a chaotic, crazy, and drunken-style song. When I requested it, he asked if the audience could come up with any other song, because it is a very difficult song to play on the pipes, and only two of our five drummers knew any sort of music for it. I added it to the post, and the quality is horrible for two reasons: digging for batteries in my purse, dodging kids and well, yes, I did dance a little bit. (Okay, thats three things, but its true.)

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