Saturday, July 2, 2011

West Jordan Stampede / Independence Day Festival

Confession: I have never been to a carnival before!

After much consideration I decided that I was going to go to one before the summer was over, and what better of a day than the start of the Independence Day Weekend!

Since Veterans Memorial Park isn't far from our home I walked down there with my camera and went all out, taking lots of photos and enjoying the warm, sunny evening. I love this first photo, it takes me back to my favorite Amusement Park- Worlds of Fun in Kansas City.

I love this photo of the "Zipper" in action. Personally, I am not a fan of the ride, but I enjoyed watching people enjoy it and hearing the yelps of excitement!

The only complaint I did have was the carnies. They were VERY over-the-top and I was glad that the West Jordan Police dept was there in full force. I felt much safer knowing they were there!

As a roller coaster junkie, I loved this photo of the tracks on their mini coaster. The rides were very old school, and I loved the colors of the old tracks on this coaster.

This is the view of West Jordan City Hall, with the Uintah's behind it. So pretty and such a perfect day! I love that you can get a photo like this in the middle of a city.

This last one is another favorite. The ferris wheel with the sun peeking out behind it. Such a pretty view just as the sun was starting to set! So glad I was able to go down and check it out!

If you get a chance to over the next few days, do it! It'll be there til Monday night when it ends with the big fireworks display (West Jordan's fireworks never cease to impress!). Go check it out! 

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