Saturday, April 14, 2012

Braid Your Bangs

I used to hate this style whenever I'd try it with an updo. I frankly hated it until I figured out that I can do it with my hair down, and that it acts as a cute, laid back headband. This was perfect for all the errands I've had the run over the last week as I've been getting ready for my return back to work.

If you've struggled with this hairstyle like I have, tuck bobby pins into your braid every little bit. This will not only hold it in place, but make it really easy to stop, adjust pieces and start again without having to redo the entire thing.

(BTW, ignore the horrible photo, my husband had to work a 16 hour shift at work and I didn't want to ask him to take photos for me, I knew he'd be exhausted!)

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