Saturday, April 28, 2012

This week in Photos

This week has been a busy one, thats for sure! Check out our week in photos! 

(Above) Lunch at the Training Table last week. Bubba and I were the only ones there, so we broke out the camera!

(Below) Baby boy in his Bumbo for the first time during our little family BBQ.

Bubba grilling up our hot dogs- told you our BBQ was little! It's perfect for apartment living because we can put it inside- no one will steal it!

We coach two soccer teams during the week- 8-10yos and 4-6yos. We went to their game today. Here's Brayden and I, bundled up and enjoying the game! Mother of the year that I am, he spit up RIGHT as I took the photo. Ugh!

Daddy and his little man,  proud papa to say the least! (Do you like the mohawk? I did baby boys hair in a mohawk last night, and he insisted on doing his to match. Now he likes it a bit too much).  

Two of our best players (one from each team) just hanging out between games. 

Here's our 5yos playing. They're so cute! 

The best part was- both teams won! Good job Blue Cheese and Black Ninjas! We're so proud of you both!

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