Saturday, April 14, 2012

This week in Photos

This week I have taken a LOT of photos. Not sure if it is just me being in the mood or if there was a lot to document, but I enjoyed making the photo collages for this week.

Brayden after bathtime, playing with daddy. Not sure if it is the reflex he's born with, or if he's actually trying to walk, but Bubba is getting a huge kick out of him trying! They have so much fun together.

Since I'm going back to work we're taking his old tub up to my grandmothers with him, meaning we can break out the whale tub we got from my brother and sister in law! Brayden LOVED it and enjoyed being able to splash around in the tub. SO CUTE!

Before bathtime. Snuggling with daddy. The older he gets, the more he likes being nekked. We don't mind it, with summer coming up we know he will be spending time in a diaper at grandmas. It's unavoidable. 

There is no logical reason that I wanted to take a photo of his sad face. He used to fuss quietly, and give us a little warning, we could basically time it and know how long we had. This week, not so much. This week he has been instantly screaming, no warning and it is VERY loud. Since daddy had him, I snapped the photo. Mother of the year, right here.

This isn't his smile, but his smirk. He does this when mommy makes silly noises or the TV makes silly noises. (which is pretty often, out of both of us). 

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