Friday, April 13, 2012

Bathroom "Remodel" Part One

We here in our home have a little game we play. I like to refer to it as "Apartment Living" and the rules are as follows; you have to decorate cute on a budget, you cannot paint the walls, and anything you do, has to be undone when you move out.

Challenge accepted.

Our bathroom is the smallest bathroom I've ever seen, and it is ALL ours. This wasn't an issue until the baby  came the bathroom shrunk very quickly. I had to take action, I couldn't stand the tiny bathroom anymore and had to redecorate it, or "remodel" as I've been calling it.

The first thing I wanted to do was to get some wall art for the bathroom. I had read that photos can make it look larger than what it is, and after seeing all the cute artwork on Pinterest, I was getting the itch and HAD to get some!

I found three frames I liked at Dollar Tree, one of them was a mirror even! I found the paint at Hobby Lobby for less than a dollar, costing me about $3.95 (including tax).

I went home and broke out the paint. It took about thirty minutes total for two coats and drying time. I went onto Pinterest and found some free artwork that I liked and printed it out and framed it. (BTW, I lost the pins that led to the websites so I could credit them, if you know who they are, will you let me know? I want to thank them and give credit!)

The next morning I got to hanging the photos up and taking a photo of them on the wall. I HATED taking the photos of this project because there is NO natural light anywhere near the bathroom (the nearest natural light is in the bedroom, but that's a pretty far distance considering).

I ended up measuring where I wanted the mirror and hung the artwork around that. I did it so that I could see the back of my hair when I do updos, to make it easier. Because I had nothing else, I hung up the artwork with push pins (smaller holes than nails, right?) I am a pretty big fan of the artwork in my bathroom and enjoy the fresh color! What do you think?

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