Monday, April 9, 2012

Somethin About Family

Baby boy is so blessed to have family that loves him so much. He spent the weekend being loved on and hugged to death, and I have photos to prove it!

On Friday we went to dinner with my parents for my birthday. It was a quiet dinner with lots of smiles, laughs and a great time. We returned to my parents home to watch a movie (and so Grandma Janel could snuggle the little man). If you haven't seen "The Way", I highly suggest you rent it and check it out- it was an AWESOME film!

Saturday we went shootin in the morning with some old friends. We had a great time and baby boy got to spend a little extra time with Grandma Janel. That afternoon we went to Grandma Terrie's and had our family Easter Party. Brayden went on an Easter egg hunt, ate a great dinner and got spoiled and snuggled to death. W That night the boys piled on the couch (Uncle Cory, Bubba, CJ and Brayden with Grandpa sitting behind them at the table) and watched the RSL game.

Sunday we went to breakfast with my Oma, Aunt and Uncle, Parents and little brother for Easter. Bubba had to work, but I was able to take Brayden. We had a great time, great conversation and enjoyed the morning.

What did you do this Easter?

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