Friday, April 27, 2012

The Challenge: "Date Your Spouse & Date 'em Good"

I was issued this challenge a few weeks ago; "Date Your Spouse & Date 'em Good."

My husband and I agreed and we decided that we needed to take this challenge- the problem is, what can we do? When we started dating, we dated a lot and did a lot of fun things. Below is a list of 60 date ideas

Dates We've Done- And Loved!
Trying on Crazy Hats!
Going Out
Day Dates:

  1. Go to a park and do a photo shoot with each other
  2. Attend the Utah Arts Festival
  3. Road Trip (Mini or long!)
  4. Check out the Park City Arts Festival
  5. Go to tourist attraction - like Antelope Island or Wheeler Farm!
  6. Go to the party store and try on all the fun hats and props! 
  7. Go Shooting. Read this post for tips and advice.
  8. Visit the Highland Games (a Scottish Festival).
  9. Check out Oktoberfest!
  10. Pull out the bikes and hit the trails made just for biking!

Night Dates:

Tickets to Friendlies are very affordable

  1. Bowling (or Cosmic Bowling!)
  2. Hot Cocoa and Star Gazing. For best results in Utah, go south, it has the BEST stargazing
  3. Nickelcade/Nickelmania
  4. 2 for 20 Dinners
  5. Dinner and a Movie - Cliche, but it works!
  6. Find a trail around a lake or river and take a walk before sunset.
  7. Go to a local Soccer game.
  8. Hot Cocoa/Coffee and a road trip. Go far enough away to actually get away from your stresses at home.

Staying In

Spend time with pets

  1. Discuss our Family Goals; Short Term and Long Term
  2. Video Game Night
  3. Picnic on the floor
  4. Spa Night - Soak in the tub and give each other massages
  5. Sit in front of the fire and just talk.
  6. Buy some new pajamas, curl up in bed and enjoy a movie marathon.
  7. Pamper your pet. It'll make you both feel good!
  8. Watch something you'd rather not admit you love, like the Muppets.
  9. Practice Yoga - Netflix has videos online, and no one will ever know how bad you are at it!

Dates We Want To Do:
Going Out:

Don't forget to enjoy yourselves!

  1. Go to a Comedy Club- such as Wise Guys or Quick Wits.
  2. Mini-Golfing
  3. Roller Skating
  4. Rock Climbing - outdoors or in a gym!
  5. Spend a weekend off the grid- no electronics
  6. Ice Skating
  7. Go to the Planetarium
  8. Find a great walking track and go for a walk - Daybreak has awesome trails.
  9. Go to the Festival of Colors - or try a color run!
  10. Check out the Natural history museum.
  11. Check out the Dinosaur museum
  12. Go to an ice cream parlor and indulge in the good stuff!
  13. Go Paint balling!
  14. Take a one-night class, pottery, art, even a exercise class!
  15. Go to a minor-league ball game and enjoy the sport.
  16. Try a bar/restaurant crawl - go to a different place to try different foods or drinks. 
  17. Similar to #16, but find a Tour De Bar Crawl - its a bar crawl on bikes!
  18. Go to a college football game. Don't forget to tailgate before!
  19. Try our hand at Racquetball
  20. Check out some specialty stores downtown- and take lots of photos!
  21. Go to an amusement park!
  22. Sidewalk Chalk!
  23. Buy some sidewalk chalk and go for broke! (photo thanks to my nieces)
Staying In: 
  1. Eating our favorite fast food on our best china. 
  2. Downloading new podcasts and music on Itunes
  3. Create new playlists for each others Ipods and sync them accordingly.
  4. Find our favorite movies on Netflix, cuddle up on the couch and watch!
  5. Buy different flavors of popcorn seasoning and have a popcorn taste test
  6. Pull out all the craft supplies and tools in the house, and have a craft night!
  7. Have a clean-off. Work together to get the house clean and then spend the free time left over relaxing.
  8. Read your favorite blogs or blog posts to each other.
  9. Find comics or mini-shows online and laugh together.
  10. Create a photo board of your plans as a couple (brochures, photos, to-do's)
  11. Plan more dates with your spouse!
Do you have any ideas to add to the list? What kind of dates have you done and enjoyed? Share below!


  1. These are great date ideas! Dates don't have to be always dinner outs but must be fun as well. Great post you got here. Thanks for the information that you've shared with your readers. :)

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  2. Just wanted you to know that you were featured in our ULTIMATE Date Idea Round-up today! Thanks for sharing your date ideas! XOXO, The Dating Divas