Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bear Lake Trip!

 On Thursday we went up to Bear Lake for the day as part of our vacation. Bubba hadn't been since he was a child and going every year was something we used to do growing up. The drive was perfect and easy, little to no traffic and the only other tourists were the elderly people on tour busses... we had the city to ourselves!

We checked out the marina, enjoyed feeding the fish off the docks and enjoyed our snacks as we sat on the rocks. We checked out Minnetonka cave and were in a tour of seven, a mother-son duo, two sisters in their fifties and a 78-year-old lady who just wanted to check it out. It was so much fun (I wish our guide let me take photos!)

We ate a lunch of sandwhiches and Bear Lake Rasberry shakes and enjoyed the cool weather before heading back home. It was a fantastic day and I am so glad Bubba and I were able to get out, even if it was for a little while!

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