Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Baby Appointment #2, Part Two

We got our ultrasound done today, however, it was super-blurry so I won't be able to post it.
Here's why it was blurry:

We have a VERY bouncy, wiggly, active baby!
When we got the ultrasound we only had enough time for her to explain what was what (head, rump, arms, legs) and for us to see the heartbeat flutter before the baby started bouncing all over the place. It was ADORABLE. She tried to position me and the baby so we could hear a heartbeat, but the little peanut of ours would not hold still long enough! We did get to hear lots of "wusshies" as he jumped, causing the fluid to fly past instead of a heartbeat.

After seeing a few minutes of fetal aerobics we got to see the baby stretch out, stretching out long, arms above the head, before going back to bouncing. It was by far, the cutest thing I could have ever imagined seeing on an ultrasound.

This is definitley a healthy baby.

We go back in three weeks to get another ultrasound, and two weeks after that we do a sonogram to find out the gender. We are both super-duper excited!

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