Sunday, August 14, 2011

Grandma Diana's 70th Birthday!

Yesterday we celebrated my Grandma Diana's 70th Birthday! We went to Bennihana's for dinner (and unfortunately I actually read the sign and respected the no-photography request, so I got no photos), and returned to Grandma's house for a 50's theme birthday party of Soda-fountain drinks, cake, ice cream and dancing!

It was definitley lots of fun and nice to see the family. Grandma and Grandpa were both very lively, cracking jokes, making us laugh and creating fantastic memories!

Bubba and I could not come up with anything to give her, so we gave her what every grandparent wants- PHOTOS! She was so excited to have gotten a copy of our babys ultrasound and immediately started to brag about it. It made me feel so good!

Happy Birthday Grandma! I love you!

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