Sunday, August 7, 2011

the Workman Family reunion

 Yesterday was the Workman family reunion! It was seriously so much fun and I am so bummed I couldn't capture a photo of every single moment of it!

We arrived early in the morning, barely after nine in the morning, and made it to the ranch. It was a beautiful cloudless day!

First thing was first, the boys (meaning my husband and brother in law) had to try out the playground. They had lots of fun and shared with my nephew, who seemed to enjoy it as much as the older boys did.
They had lots of crafts and things to do, including building rockets for the boys (made of paper and the tip is made of the sponge from water weenies), making Lei's for the girls. The boys were able to shoot off their rockets into the field. It was lots of fun to watch Bubba help our nephew make his and shot it off multiple times.

The Lei's were lots of fun to make, we used crepe paper, straw bits and fruit loops. They turned out super cute!

The boys also competed in the annual Workman horseshoes competition. The brackets began at 9 a.m. and people competed all day long. It was lots of fun to watch and see (and since I have never even PLAYED horseshoes, I had to learn the rules, which was entertaining.)

The boys were hilarious to watch as they played and photographing their style was hilarious. Bubba tosses like he bowls, my mother in law looks like a ballerina, and most the older guys would stand straight up, and toss with no style at all, making it even more difficult to photograph, let alone figure out how they were so good.

We even let my nephew learn how to play! His dad competed in the final four while uncle Bubba taught him how to toss the horseshoes. He did try to cheat lots, and kept moving the "easy toss" stick closer to the pit.  It was funny to watch him toss and learn, and lots of fun to see him toss like his grandma, one arm out and his leg extending behind him.

That night we had a Luau for dinner and had lots of fun enjoying traditional Hawaii'an food, listening to music and we even had traditional dancers come in to preform for us, to show us how to do some of the dances and even invited us to preform for each other.

The greatest moment of the evening was watching the guys do the stomp and try to intimidate the family. They tried so hard not to laugh at themselves, and trying not to laugh was so painful.

We also had a family dance called "Fruit Salad". The girls shook their hips, showing how to make a fruit salad. The men's part was to try to hide the fruit salad recipie from the rest of the world. Not going to lie, I can't decide whether it was hilarious or scary.  

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