Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Review: Funbites Cutter

I first found Funbites during a giveaway hosted by the Chirping Moms. I'm always on the lookout to make meals fun for the little guy, so I jumped on that giveaway. While I didn't win, I did get into contact with Funbites and requested a cutter for our family. They were happy to send one over and I was excited to test it out and review it! 

The first thing I have to mention that I was impressed with with them was how quickly they replied to my emails and questions. I had my replies within the day, if not within the hour. I was so impressed by how efficiently they responded to my questions! Also, the shipping was unbelievably quick! I got my cutter in a few days and it came with such cute packaging and a sweet note! If anyone takes the cake for customer service, it is these guys!

I had chosen the triangle cutter for little dude. We had fun testing it out on different products, but I kept forgetting to take photos of it. At one point I even filled the cutter in a food storage container with juice and froze the juice into triangles for his sippy cup! The cutter is dishwasher safe, freezer safe, and works SO WELL! 

It works the best on fruits and veggies for us, bananas, tomatoes and apples being little dudes favorites. After  testing a few different foods, we discovered it works very well with sandwiches too! I love this because it means that he isn't getting too big chunks into his mouth, reducing the risk of him choking on a too big piece of sandwich (my kid eats in bigger bites than I do, this is a big win for me!). 

If you have a toddler you want a Funbites cutter! Use this link to check out all the different cutters they offer, and then check out the ideas page for tons of cute ideas! You know I've got some plans for adorable lunches for little dude! Thank you Funbites, for letting me try out this fantastic product, we're in LOVE with it!

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