Wednesday, June 26, 2013

the Workmans

As I've been doing a lot of blog re-design, blog overhaul, and on a forced blog hiatus, I found myself asking my husband one night a very big, nearly impossible to answer question. "What does it mean to be a Workman? Who are we as Workman's?" 

We discussed this for hours, brainstorming ideas, thoughts, stories and experiences. We discussed our time together as a family, about his growing up, about mine. We finally came to some conclusions, and in turn, prompted this Workman Wednesday's blog post. 

Who are the Workman's, and Why Should You Care?
Bubba: We are a functionally dysfunctional family who is willing to admit it. 

Workman's are family oriented. We travel for everything we have to for family. My brother and sister in law have flown across country for Christmases, summer breaks, and so many more trips. We've driven hours to attend a birthday party. We celebrate the family every chance we get, and we invite everyone, family or not. to the Workman's, family is everything. 

Workman's are loud. Between the loud laughing, the silly jokes, funny faces and noises, we get loud. We love to get noisy while playing board games, BBQ's, and even discussions about the most simple and mundane things. We love to turn on music and dance, we love to laugh and play, and we love our "everyone's invited" policy, making the more, the nosier! 

Workman's are busy. We do as much as we can, because we can. We work hard, we play harder, we help our families, and we bust our butts to keep up with everyone. We support each other every chance we get, every tee-ball game, every school recital, every work benefit and every event we can, we're there to support our own. 

Workman's are great cooks, bakers, and foodies. Now that there's a bunch of us (access to Pinterest isn't helping us either), we're sharing recipes, trying great new foods and teaching each other our tricks to the trade. The only kind of bad food with the Workman's is no food. 

Workman's LOVE kids. Not just like, or are good with kids, we LOVE them. At Easter, my husband pointed this out to me when he realized I was feeding my nephew, my sister-in-law was feeding my niece, and my mother-in-law was feeding my son. No one had their own kid to feed, and it wasn't an issue with anyone. Not a day goes by when we aren't busy enjoying our little ones, and having three in the same year last year makes our five total so much more fun! We just love our kiddos, what can I say?

Workman's are crafty. Every year we do a different craft for Christmas gifts, and we're constantly putting something together, be it wedding centerpieces, kids crafts, home decor projects, or just making cute hair bows, we are ALWAYS out for a new project or craft. And, unlike me personally, always finish them!

The Workman's are our family. We are the Workman's. While we struggle to define ourselves in a basic question, we can answer it when we talk about our family as a whole. The definition of our name describes us best; Workman; a craftsman, an artisan, a working man.
It's like Grandpa Cory always said, "It's not all about the work, but Workman." 

Happy Wednesday! 

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  1. it's a great last name and sounds like some great qualities too!