Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fourteen Things You Don't Know About Me

Lets be honest here, I'm a strange person. I try to hide it with a semi-cute haircut and photos of my cute baby, but when it comes down to it. I am not your typical chick. Here are fourteen reasons why:

My cousin used me for modeling/photography
  1. I can lick my elbow. Honestly! I used to be able to do both, but after my shoulder surgery on my left side, I haven't been able to dislocate my shoulder to lick my elbow. However, my right elbow is within tongues reach.
  2. My husband and I have a "music only" night at our home. We refuse to watch movies or TV, and the only reason we have the television on is for using the Xbox for Youtube or IheartRadio. We listen to a different genre each time so we can gain music appreciation and find new artists. We're very big on music and enjoying all the music we can. 
  3. When I was in seventh grade, my mother allowed me to take an eggplant to school. Just because I wanted to. She wanted me to "express myself." I'm all for that...but with an eggplant? Mom, come on. Help your poor kid out when shes lost!
  4. At one point, I attended a Mormon private school. It was about a 6 month stint, and while the experience was . . . interesting (thats another post for another day), I learned a LOT, met new people and was able to grow up in my own sense. 
  5. I can play the Piano, but only by ear. I have no idea how to read sheet music, but I can sit and play out a tune by ear. Enya is my favorite to play by ear.
  6. When Bubba and I got married, I could only make cheap pasta. I used Pinterest shortly after Brayden was born and my Oma's vintage cookbooks to teach myself how to cook. 
  7. I'm about 75% German (if not more) and about 25% Scottish. This accounts for my temper, lack of patience, go-getter attitude, and my good looks. Ha!
  8. I have PCOS, and have for years. It went undiagnosed until Bubba and I started dating, when meeting with a new M.D, who recognized my acne pattern and diagnosed it. I had suffered a LOT of cysts bursting throughout high school and in life, and didn't realize how many had
    Anything for a great photo.
    burst til an ultrasound just before my first miscarriage (shortly before we conceived Brayden), when an ultrasound tech said my cysts "look like I've lived a painful life."
  9. This leads me to my next one: I have a ridiculously high pain tolerance. Between the PCOS, between the dislocated shoulder I lived with for years, between the L1-S1 disc bulge, I'm a tough cookie.
  10. While I am a medial professional. I do not act like it when it comes to my own health. I'm the person that puts two cough drops in a Rockstar juiced and call it a cure for the common cold. (P.s. Please don't do it. Its NOT good for you). 
  11. I used to be a BMX racer. I was one of a few girls who raced, and raced against Arielle Martin, who actually took some time to do training sessions with me. BTW, she's amazing. 
  12. My family is ridiculously small. On my moms side of the family we have seven people, where on my dads side of the family, we have three aside from my parents and brother. I married into a BIG family, and it has been an adjustment to say the least.
  13. When I was a kid I wanted to be a writer. My grandparents would buy me office supplies for all
    This is my headshot from when I was an actress. Not kidding.
    holidays and ask me to write the family newsletter. I used to stay up late at night and write stories, fan fiction, journal, etc. This passion continued on until I hit the near end of my high school years, when I refocused onto my healthcare focus.
  14. My husband and I met in the most awkward way. A friend asked me to go bowling with him and a friend. I agreed. We had a nice night, bowled, drank soda and danced. Bubba paid, but I didn't think anything of it. Come to find out, the friend who invited me, wanted to take me on a date and couldn't pay, so he asked my now husband to. Bubba, trying to talk him out of it, said he would, but only if he could come. I had no idea, but can technically say Bubba and I had dated for four years before we got married. Realistically though, it was only two years. ;)

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  1. So interesting! I've never heard of a mormon private school! Whats it called??