Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Workman Weds: Wheeler Farm!

We've been focusing on going out, being active and being as educational as possible for the little dude. For Family Home Evening the other night we took a trip to Wheeler Farm. It's a free farm close by our home where you can see all the animals, the old farm house, and the historic monuments. It also has a fantastic park and picnic area, making it ideal for evenings as a family.

Brayden loved the cows, and whenever the cows (or lets be realistic, mommy and daddy) moo'ed he giggled like a madman. 

He also loved this pony. He had a lot of fun watching him eat supper.

This horse struck us as hilarious, because he was sitting there with his tongue out for almost five minutes. I naturally snapped a shot because it was funny.

The baby ewes were so cute! They came right up to the fence and bleated at Brayden, making him giggle, causing them to bleat some more. It was adorable all around.

This guy became buddies with me while I took his photo. What a doll.

I loved that the ducks were so relaxed around us and sitting quietly. Brayden was yelling "duck!" at it and he wasn't budging. 

A tied kiddo enjoying his PB & J

Playing at the playground. Hello mommy!

Daddy and Mommy being silly. Sorry little dude, you'll never have parents that are borig and mature.
I'm not really all that sorry. 

Hope you're having a fantastic week! 

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