Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Happy Birthday, Wonderful Husband

Today is my husband's birthday! Happy Birthday Bubba!
I'd been contemplating for a few days what I wanted to write about for today's post. We've been together for five years, and been married nearly three of those years. It's been a wonderful, adventure-filled and crazy ride so far, but I cannot think of a better person to have had at my side during all of it. Quite frankly, any two people be in our shoes, they simply would not have made it. Today I wanted to share the story of how we met, and our story until now.

Bubba and I met in a very interesting way. Originally we met when I was in high school. He had graduated, and a mutual friend of ours asked me on what I thought was a date. A few hours before the date, I was asked if some friends could come too, and I agreed. No harm in friends!
Come to find out a few years later that he did ask me on the date, couldn't pay, so he asked his friend what to do. Bubba being the bro to end all bros, said he'd cover it if he could go too, and if he got paid back. The three of us went bowling that night, we enjoyed dancing and acting crazy, pizza and root beer. It was a great night to be had. If you want to get technical, that was our first date. 

About a year later, I was planning on a road trip from Salt Lake City to Phoenix to see that same friend while he was at college. When I was asked by my friend if I was okay with carpooling down with Bubba, I was more than okay to agree to that! Little did I know there would be five of us crammed into what has become our family car. It was a long trip, but what the winning moment was the car ride back to Salt Lake City.

Bubba drove, while I was his co-pilot. I was nominated because I vowed not to sleep on the way home, and to keep him company. As we drove we talked about everything, from our lives, our dreams, our futures, etc. By the time we got back into town I was asking him to drop me off last, because I really didn't want to leave him, and he gladly agreed.

A few years later our paths crossed again. I was unhappy in a relationship, trying to find a way out. He and I texted each other often, him being my emotional rock. We had spent nearly the entire month together, with another friend who was home from Iraq on his vacation leave. We'd gone on multiple adventures, family parties, and holiday events. When I was finally out of the bad relationship and had started dating again, I was stuck between two guys, both guys I had friend-zoned, both guys I had gone on dates with equal amounts of times, and both guys I liked. After being stood up multiple times, Bubba came to me, sat me down and gave me a talking to. He finally told me, "I love you. I care about you, and when you are done messing around, come find me, I'll be waiting for you."

The next night was New Years Eve, and I asked him if he'd be my date.
He took me over to meet his sister, his parents and his family. We didn't kiss at midnight.
We didn't even hug at the door.

We started dating after that. About four weeks into our relationship, under some serious circumstances, I ended up moving in with him at his parents place. His parents took me in as their own, and took care of me. Bubba and I really got a feel of each other and who we were after that.
It was hard, learning who the other was, learning about life, and trying to figure out the balance of meeting each others wants and needs, but somehow, we did it.

Six months later we were driving up Butterfield Canyon. It was the middle of June and lightly raining out. We loved Butterfield Canyon and loved going on road trips together, big or small. We agreed today's venture would be a small one, and we took off up into the Oqurrih Mountains. We found a place to park, put on some hoodies and went for a small hike. Ten minutes into the hike I paused to take a photo. When I turned around to say something to Bubba, I turned to see him on one knee.
We got engaged that day.

That fall Bubba started the police academy. It was a year-long program and we were so excited for him to get into the program. Together we busted our butts, studying, being practice dummies for him, and helping him memorize the ten codes. That winter I had my shoulder operated on and basically reattached. Between my physical therapy, doctors appointments and his classes, testing and training, we hardly saw each other, let alone had time to plan our wedding. We put it on hold until he graduated in the spring, 

That following August we got married. It was a small ceremony in my parents backyard. We had our closest family and friends there, had some chicken salad sandwiches, and cupcakes as our wedding cake. It was a simple, yet very intimate celebration. Quite frankly, the day was perfect.
Even if there were 40 mph gusts of wind. (It made for some FANTASTIC wedding photos though!)
We honeymooned in Arches overnight, a very impromptu honeymoon but so perfect nonetheless. Yet another road trip that marked a big stage in our love story!

Over the fourth of July weekend 2011, we found out we were expecting a baby. We celebrated with fireworks and each other, and were so excited to really start our family. It was a very difficult pregnancy, I was about 8 weeks along when I finally found out, because I had had a miscarriage earlier in the year. When I had gone into the doctors before I had found out, and they kept telling me "It'll be awhile before your normal." or "Thats just what happens." A cute little baby is certainly what happens!
I was placed on bedrest at 16 weeks, just after we found out the gender. I was also sent to a specialist and was seeing multiple OBGYN's to make sure that the baby was alright. It was a rough time for us. I was working three days...and that was all I was allowed to do (and even that was too much!). Bubba stood by me and again, was my rock when I needed him. He stayed up with me while I couldn't sleep, he played video games with me when I couldn't do anything else, and he encouraged the midnight taco bell runs when the cravings hit. 

At 35 weeks I was placed on full bedrest, and at 37 weeks Brayden was born. Bubba immediately became the coolest person I know with how well he adapted into the role of Daddy. He loved snuggling his little guy and loved stealing him from mommy. He took over diaper changes, took over night shifts, and if he could have breast fed, I swear he would have done that too. While our families did the best they could, Little Dude was born in February, which means everyone naturally got the flu the day of or the day after he was born. Bubba was my biggest supporter in becoming a mommy.

After the baby was born I started going  back to school, working on my degree in Nursing to become an RN. That fall semester was my first one back, and it was rough, but there Bubba was, daddy of the year, taking over daddy duty so I could go to school, putting the baby in the bath, putting him into bed, and making sure I was staying sane through all of it. He even helped me numerous times with keeping the little guy entertained so I could do DIY's or even bloggy projects. He has always been my biggest supporter. 

After all these behind the scene photos here is where we end, today. Bubba, I love you. I love our love story, and while I've only told parts of our story, you and I both know all the crazy things we've done and have been through over the last five years. You're the best man I've ever met, and the best daddy I've ever been lucky enough to know. You're my everything, and I wish I could put into more eloquent words how much I love you and how much you mean to me! I hope you have the happiest of birthdays! I am so excited to celebrate with you and our families!
I love you honey! 


  1. Such an amazing story! Love it! :)
    Your little family is the cutest!


  2. Aw what a sweet story. Happy birthday to him!