Wednesday, July 24, 2013

WW: Our Weekends Lately (Insta-Style)

Our last few weekends have been super busy! We've been documenting via instagram, but if you don't follow us, here's the updates!
1. (Bottom Row) 7/13 USA vs. CUBA Gold Cup Doubleheader at the RioT. We not only had third row seats to this EPIC game, but we also had passes from Miller Lite to get food and drinks during the game. It was a VIP Experience and we had a great time!
2. (Top Row) 7/19 SLC Bees vs. Arizona. We got tickets to this game at about 2:30 pm on Friday for the game. We made some calls and ended up carpooling with my parents downtown to enjoy the game! Little dude loved the game, enjoyed the snacks and had fun being social.
3. (Middle Row) 7/20 RSL vs. SKC. A filthy match, terrible ref, and an exciting match! Little dude came with to this match too, loved being with the boys, and eating all the popcorn! Opa gave him a churro which he loved, and he actually stayed up and not grumpy until the fireworks, which he loved. 

What can I say? We love sports!
Have a happy Wednesday!


  1. Sporting, even in the rain. You guys are dedicated! You've got to enjoy it while it's here. Summer goes by so fast.

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    Looking forward to connecting further.

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