Monday, February 27, 2012

How To: Fabric Covered Makeup Brushes

I just LOVE making things pretty and unique - don't you? I've been looking for ways to make things in my life prettier and the bathroom was one of those places that I am constantly looking to upgrade and make prettier.

These are my brushes before this project. I LOVE the beads I poured into the glass jar, they match my bathroom decor and add a very small, subtle, but pretty touch. Yes, there is a nail stick in there... and an eyeliner... and a toothbrush (I use the toothbrush for flyaways when doing my hair).

What you need for this project:

Mod Podge
Makeup Brushes
Fabric (I used scraps that I had around my house. They didn't all match, but I didn't want them to all match!)
Scissors to cut your fabric with
Paintbrush (or craft brush) to use with the Mod Podge

Step One: Paint the entire handle of your brush with the Mod Podge. Wrap the fabric around the brush.

Step Two: You can wait until the base is dry, or do it all at once. While wet, I then painted the bottom of the brush with the glue. To fold it over to look nice you'll need to press the fabric down with your thumb. You should have two sides up still, you'll add more glue, then press the next piece down. This will make it look folded nicely. Make sure all the sides are glued down nicely...when they dry they will be sharp!

Step 3: Let dry. I balanced mine against the glass jar so that they wouldn't glue to the table or to each other. Once dry, coat with a thin layer of Mod Podge to avoid it falling off or becoming unglued.

Step 4: Once dry, admire your new brushes.
These are my brushes once they were done. Yep, I only did four. (I honestly only use these four!) Have you done this project? If you have or are going to please send me a link to your final product in the comments section - I'd love to see all the pretty brushes we can come up with!


  1. I love these!! They're on the to-do list this weekend! How heavy is the fabric you used?

  2. I used a few different fabrics, mostly cotton though. The green polka dots was actually fleece! As long as the Mod Podge can soak through it to adhere it, it should work!

  3. Ah, I love my new brushes! I did different materials that all had purple/silver/black/gray and put them in a glass rectangle with black rocks. Awesome idea!!

  4. That's a pretty cute idea- and a good way to personalize a stocking stuffer for my makeup addicted friend! Stopping by Monday Mingle!