Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cute Thank You Cards

I found these cute cards at Target yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised to find them because I had been planning on having to go to Michael's for them. Not only did this stop me from making a trip I didn't need to make- they were also $1 for a pack of eight- making it a better deal than any of the cards at the craft store. Plus- they're super cute! 

They have tons of really cute items in their dollar section right now. I wish I had a bigger apartment and a little more time in-between baby's naps, my home would look awesome with some of the tiny upgrades I was oogling today. 

While I have your attention- I have come to the conclusion that while Wal-Mart may be trashy, Target seems to have the super-bitchy customers. Every time I go there, there is always some lady being a mega-bitch when there is no need to be. When we did our baby registry there one lady even threatened to kick my ass (and I was NINE MONTHS PREGNANT AT THE TIME! Who does that?!). Yesterday there was a mother who was very angry that the cashier offered to have me switch lanes before her- despite the fact that I was in front of her in line. Some people. 

Have you found any goodies in the Dollar bins at Target lately? What were they? SHARE! 

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