Thursday, March 1, 2012

An Update and More

Hey there!

Sorry for lack of posting lately. Basically I'm an irresponsible blogger and have forgotten that I can schedule blog posts, instead of posting four in one day. I've been blogging on the days that I have extra help with the baby or when he's sleeping really well. On the rougher days I refuse to blog and dedicate my time to the little man.

I have lots of plans for the blog and am working on figuring out how I want to go about doing them. Since I am my own webmaster, writer, graphic designer and all the other odds and ends, it sometimes takes me awhile, but trust me, good things are coming your way! 

Things are going well and he's getting so big so fast! Since I have nothing else to offer, here is some babyspam from Saturday. I cannot believe he is going to be a month old in just a few days! Where on EARTH did the time go?!

Hope you are all doing fantastic!

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