Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Anti-Candy Easter Treat Bags

I have a LOT of nieces and nephews, and that means that we have a LOT of treat bags to make for holidays and parties. I really don't mind it because I have learned the art of the dollar store gift bags. For 10 treat bags, I spent $7 - including the ribbon used to tie them up and the bag itself.

What is the trick? You buy in packs of multiples. I LOVE Dollar Tree because they sell bubble packs in sets of threes and fours. They also sell glow sticks year round and for cheap.

We decided not to do any candy for the kiddos this year- instead we decided bubbles and glow sticks would be a fun thing to add to our family party. We did add a box of Yoohoo, but mainly because my husband insisted on it.

$7 for 10 treat bags? Works for me!

What are you doing for Easter treat bags? Any ideas of what we can add that isn't candy? Share your ideas below!

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