Friday, March 23, 2012

Finally Friday

It's FINALLY Friday! Here in SLC it has been a beautiful week and I've really been struggling with how busy we've been, between doctors appointments, meetings and keeping the baby indoors because he's so little. I'm stoked to get outside and to just hang out in the sun!

What has happened this week? Lets check it out...

Our life has been so crazy this week! We got our taxes done, Bubba had a soccer game (and a great one to boot- they won 10-4!) got extra paperwork for work filed, copies made and picked up from the correct place, I had my six week OB follow up, visited the doctors for my sinus infection and found out I have a kidney infection to boot (from lack of drinking water, who knew?!), throw in another set of doctors appointments for Bubba and I today and finally, our day of rest tomorrow. Sigh. Brayden is so lucky to have grandparents that adore him and took him overnight last night so mommy could rest with this infection and daddy could get over his cold. We are definitely a sight to be seen- thats for sure!

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Have a happy weekend!

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