Monday, March 5, 2012

7 Things to Do to Better Your Life

If you haven't read this post by Rachel Sayumi, do it first. This is the post that inspired me to jot down some ideas and write this blog post. (It's brilliant, really.) After reading her post I had to ask myself- how do I live a happier life? What are some things I do that help me find (as Lisa Bearnson would put it) Joy in the Journey? So I took some notes and decided they were worth sharing.

Bubba enjoying his favorite meal of the day
1. Eat Dessert. Never say no to something we all know you want. Depriving yourself does not create a happy enviroment and there is really nothing better than something sweet at the end of a day. My husband and I are BIG fans of dessert and always keep something sweet in our home.

2. Shower, Get dressed, makeup, daily. I do not go a day without these things- even with the brand new baby. I make sure that I am feeling good and that makes me feel like I am looking great (even if I'm not). It also makes life so much easier when things come up unexpectedly, like family stopping by, trips to the store or even impromptu dates.

3. Food heals. Learn to cook or bake and do it for others. They joked on Grey's Anatomy about "Widow Casseroles," being borderline offensive, which is a total truth, but there is seriously something magical about food when you are going through a tough time. (Or an awesome time, but with no time to cook!)

4. Have a clean space. Even if it is only one space that is clean. I take time every day to clean one space. Whether it be my kitchen, my car, my bathroom, or simply washing my sheets, something gets cleaned. Having accomplished something feels great and having that one space cleaned keeps the house looking decent during a time that I really cannot keep on top of it all.
Disconnected at an RSL game with family

5. Disconnect. I used to call it analog Sundays. A while back (Before everyone got smart phones and gaming systems and family time got awfully quiet), we used to go to my in-laws for dinner almost every Sunday. I turned off my phone, put it in my purse and gave my family my whole attention. Lately I've been letting my phone die nightly, and I hide the charger and the phone while it charges and spend the time just talking to my husband. It gives us forced time that most of the world doesn't take anymore.

6. If you need a nap, take one! Up until I got pregnant, I HATED naps. I didn't see the point and by the end of the evening I was mean because I was tired. This led to my husband and I having vastly different bedtimes, sometimes not even sharing our bed and even a few arguments. I learned quickly when I got pregnant that a nap fixes that problem, gave me the energy to clean, cook and be a good wife and even got us on a better life schedule.

The fur baby, Taz.
7. Adopt a pet (if you can of course!). One of the most theraputic and wonderful things we have ever done was adopt a bunny. He has been wonderful for therapy (I suffer from depression and anxiety), which has been a huge shocker, but also a fun addition to our little family before the baby came. It helped having a pet when we were going through the rough patches and we love that little fur ball so much! The pet stores are awesome about providing information about adoptions and rescues, and here in Utah there are lots of places to get animals that need you.

These are just a few things I've done in the last few years that I feel have seriously bettered my life, and if I would've seen this list a few years ago.. I would've kissed myself. Thanks for the inspiration Rachel!

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  1. You're so sweet! Thanks for the link,I enjoyed reading your list (: Have a wonderful week!