Saturday, March 3, 2012

Grandma's Have the Neatest Things

Today my mom and I took the baby to my grandmothers house as a surprise. She has been on dialysis for quite awhile and every Saturday my mom picks her up from the dialysis center and takes her home. They'll pick up lunch on the way and enjoy time at her house together. We decided that since she hadn't seen the baby since he was born it'd be a nice change of pace for her. Also, her house is super sterile due to her dialysis, so I knew it was one of the safe places I could take the baby at his age. 

While there, I got to peeking around her house and really admiring those items in her home. She'd always had fun furnature and interesting pieces around her home, but I hadn't really gotten a chance to admire those pieces. Since I had a camera handy (I was planning on taking some photos but grandma didn't want her photo taken today), I took photos of the neat items in her home. 

Like this couch. Isn't it fabulous? I LOVE it and always have. She bought it in 1976, and it is in a room with matching yellow walls and green carpet. She refuses to change the room, despite it being out of date (her words, not mine) and calls this room her "70's room". Believe it or not, she has yellow arm chairs to match! I LOVE it. (and yes, because I am selfish and because grandma often asks what I want in the will, I did ask for this couch. My husband is going to KILL me.)
This next piece is actually a glass case inside of a table top. Inside of it are pieces from our ancestors that my grandma has actually tracked down while doing family history. Those glasses belonged to a great great grandfather of mine, as well as the spur. The earrings belonged to her grandmother, and that crappy shadow in the glass? Well, that's goofy me thinking I could snap a photo of it without my reflection appearing in it 

I wish I could go through and photograph her whole house, because seriously, my grandma has the coolest things in her home! A chair that depicts a fairy tale (and it is super comfy!), a life sized pencil drawing of the human muscular system, a collection of gemstones displayed beautifully and so much more. Grandma's have the neatest things!

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