Thursday, March 8, 2012

Little Facts

If you haven't been over to See Me Rwar and checked out her blog, do it NOW.
 1. Pet Peeve: People who chew with their mouth open. I was a nanny for a couple of teenagers who did that and I nearly quit my job over it. It drove me nuts! I tried to ask them to chew with their mouths shut, but they didn't realize they were doing it, and so they never thought of NOT doing it. Also, they chewed A LOT of gum! Ahhh!
2. Food: Anything German basically makes my life complete. Roladen, Spetzel, Saurkraut and Dumplings, mmm....
3. Guaranteed happy: When my baby smiles at me. He hasn't learned to smile quite yet, but those little fluke smiles make everything so wonderful and make me so happy. :) 

1 comment:

  1. Haha. Love that pet peeve! I so agree! I'm always telling my little niece to finish chewing her food before she starts talking. Gotta teach them young! Thanks for linking up!

    See Me Rwar