Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mock Chocolate Mousse

This dessert only wishes it was Chocolate Mousse, but when you're craving something lighter and delicious (and are a chocoholic like my husband and I are) then this is the treat for you.

It is ridiculously simple to make.

You will need a box of pudding mix (they cost 50 cents at every grocery store, there is really no excuse not to have a box in your pantry), and a container of Cool Whip.

Make pudding mix like the instructions tell you to on the side of the box. Once set, mix with Cool Whip. It doesn't really matter how much or how little you use, do it until you like the taste. (YES! That means you get to taste it as you go!)

Serve in a cute dish or container. (We got these martini glasses when we got married and haven't used them yet, they worked out perfect!)

I covered it in sprinkles for the sake of making it look cute. Yes, those are Christmas sprinkles, because that's how I roll, yo.
Bubba devoured it and really enjoyed it. The proof is in the photo.

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  1. omg that looks like pure awesomeness!!!!! I want one right now :D thank u for sharing!