Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Super Easy Stir-Fry

Chinese food again! What can I say, my husband loves the stuff. This stir-fry turned out easier than expected.

How to:
I used a steak that I had left over from another dinner earlier this week. (They come in packs of three, I don't need to use all three and there is always the one left over in our freezer). I thawed it in the microwave and cut it into small chunks, and fried it in the skillet.

I then added veggies from a Wal-Mart stir fry ($1.25). We usually buy them to give to the bunny, but in this case, I hadn't cracked it open yet and it looked SO good!

Fry them together and add rice. I added some Grub Rub to the whole skillet and let it cook into the meal before putting it on top of rice. There was no need for soy sauce or any other additives and it only took ten minutes to cook!


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