Thursday, March 8, 2012

Baby Boy is a Month Old! (Lots of Photos!)

 I know these are a long past due, let me explain. I took NO photos at all the day he was born. My mother and mother in law did, and when she gave me her camera the other day, I stole ALL her photos for my own uses! (Bwahahah!)

I got so excited to see how cute these are, I love em!

Look how cute Bubba is with his baby boy! He is such a great daddy and absolutely loves his little man. Snuggles are by far his favorite (his is both Brayden and Bubba). I love that Brayden has his eyes open in this photo! Such a rare thing with newborns!

Look at those young grandmas! Grandma Terrie is on the left and Omie Janel (our German version of Oma, since my Oma is still alive!) is on the right. Both were very excited to meet the little man!

We had lots of visitors that day, but unfortunately not many got to meet him because of all the tests, baths, nursery to-dos and more. To those who did come- we are so glad you did! It meant a lot to us!

 This next photo is of Aunt Carebear (Carrie), who came to see Brayden later that day. She was so excited to meet the little man and it was nice to see a familiar face that evening after such a crazy day! So glad you were able to come up and see him!

Funny thing is, after his birthday the Workmans ALL got sick, and weren't able to see him again until he was a month old! I felt so bad, but was glad they kept their distance for the baby's sake!

This last photo is my favorite (gee, I wonder why). This was taken the second day he was home. Grandma Terrie hadn't gotten sick yet and stopped by to see how we were doing and after a diaper change snapped this photo of the two of us. I absolutely adore it and I love that she was able to capture such a sweet, but normal moment.

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