Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Side Effects Include... the munchies?!

I hate being on medications. I'm not sure if its the not feeling like myself, the weird side effects, or simply because I forget to take them - either way, I hate them. All throughout my pregnancy I refused to take anything except for tums and Tylenol, and it drove my OB crazy. (I had severe heartburn and migraines.) Now, I have to be on medications again and I am going insane.

Mainly the drug that is driving me nuts is the Reglan. I was put on it for milk production, which I don't mind. What I do mind is the side effect - the munchies.

I kid you not, I didn't crave anything throughout my pregnancy...but on the reglan I crave EVERYTHING. Taco Bell. Chips. Peanut Butter. Crap food. I took to the drugs website and looked into the side effects to discover this one wasn't listed- just my luck.

So until I can go off of it I'll just enjoy trying to have the healthy munchies and work out a little bit more.
Oh, and I'll also enjoy a trip to Taco Bell.

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