Sunday, March 25, 2012

Soccer Sunday

Today we packed up the car and went to watch Bubba play soccer today. It was a double-header (meaning two back-to-back games) and we were so excited to go watch him play!

I wanted to snap a few photos of the day- but unfortunately the photos I wanted to take didn't work out at the soccer house. I ended up taking a few photos of us before we left the apartment for the day. However, I finally snapped a photo where you can see my new red hair!

In this photo, Bubba looks SO MUCH like his brother Steve (and his dad!) Look at that red beard- no wonder baby boy has red hair!  For you thrifters (and wives), the jersey Bubba is wearing is Adidas, and up in Park City they have an outlet store- they are always selling at buy one get on 50% off, as well as the jerseys are already cheap, between $5 to $10 dollars each!

The last photo is of baby boy and his bear. His uncle Kanoosh (my brother) gave him this bear that was bought at IHOP for Diabetes awareness. The bear has a University of Utah hoodie on it and is tiny- just like baby boy. Yesterday we put the bear in the carseat with him and  when he started fussing a little bit later peeked in to see how he was doing. He had wrapped his arm around it and was snuggling it. He keeps doing it, so we keep giving it to him, and it is absolutely ADORABLE!

I cannot believe he is going to be seven weeks soon! Where the heck is the time going?!

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