Saturday, March 24, 2012

"Why didn't you crave this when you were pregnant?"

Last night was wonderful... until I had the brilliant idea that I wanted chocolate covered kettle corn and couldn't go another minute without it. I took to the kitchen and like the failed wife I am put the chocolate chips into a microwave safe bowl, set the timer and excitedly watched...waiting for it to finish. The house filled with the aroma of chocolate... it was heavenly.

Until we got a whiff of something... else.

Folks, I managed to burn through the microwave safe bowl somehow. The chocolate hadn't even considered melting and there I was, suddenly engulfed in the smell of burnt plastic and wanting to cry. Bubba, being the wonderful man that he is gave me a hug until the smoke cleared from the microwave, then helped me clean up the mess and made the chocolate on the stove. He even pulled out my spoonchula (the greatest thing in my kitchen, I kid you not) and scooped me a huge spoonful of leftover chocolate.

We retreated to the couch and tried to laugh about it. I'm still depressed that I couldn't manage something THAT SIMPLE, but I am so glad I have a husband that loves me, even when I am attempting to be a wonderful woman and fail.

However, the chocolate covered kettle corn?

I dare say it was worth the catastrophe.

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