Saturday, February 9, 2013


We wanted to have a really fun birthday for Brayden. In fact, I started planning it in October.

Bottles and Straws c/o Smashcake Studio!
Naturally, I took to Pinterest to find the best ideas for the party. Like his cake, which was really easy to make and turned out super-cute!

We set up balloons on an empty wall and let everyone that came get a chance at a photo (with or without the birthday boy. Hey, family photo-ops can be far and few between!).

I just loved how ours turned out!

The layout. We had sandwiches, veggies and chips, with a TON of candies in all the dishes!

Come time for cake, daddy got to give it to him.
Hey, someone has to take photos, right?

At first, he was very gentle with the cake.

Daddy showed him how to dig into it.
And boy, did he dig into it.

He really loved the cake! 

Overall he had a fantastic birthday! Thanks to all our family that came to celebrate with us!


  1. This looks fantastic! Congratulations on your big guy turning one and continue to enjoy him!

  2. that cake is fantastic! it looks AMAZING! well done!