Thursday, February 21, 2013

College Woes and Campus Book Rentals

I've been going to school for some time now. After working on my EMT Intermediate, I've been working on General Eds for the Nursing program over the last few years. Let me take a moment to rant about College.

Guys, the expenses, whoa. I mean, last semester was out of this world pricey. I finally took the time to do the math on the cost of education, after you subtract the utilities, it ends up being about $10 an hour. Pricey? Yep. Reasonable, yeah, I guess I have to admit it.

Whats worse are the books. The books that the college refuses to use more than a year at a time, that the used versions sell out quickly, that you probably won't even really use? Yeah. That part REALLY sucks.
So when I first read about Campus Book Rentals I was so excited to learn more about them!

These guys rock, seriously, look at this list of perks:
- You can save anywhere from 40-90% off the college bookstore prices. Guys, that is HUGE.
- Free shipping BOTH WAYS, and the renting periods are flexible!
- They let you HIGHLIGHT in the books!
- (My favorite) They donate to Operation Smile with every textbook rented!

Awesome, right?
Well, it does get better. They have the Rent Back Program! Rent Back allows students to rent the textbooks we already own to other students, which in turn, makes YOU (the student) 2-4 times more money compared to the other buyback options (which can be a real pain in the rear).

Please, if you're a college student, go check them out! I promise you won't be sorry. I sure wasn't!
And after you're done, get back to your homework! Midterms is next week!

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  1. thank you sooo much for yesterday girl!! i had a blast :)