Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Planet Play for the Birthday Day

Little dudes birthday was actually on Thursday. We really wanted to do something fun, and since I had the next day off work, we really wanted to go "all out". Well, as all out as you can with a one-year-old.

My Oma wanted to go to lunch/dinner with us to celebrate, so we agreed on Sizzler. I shared the salad bar treats with the little man, who decided that he didn't want to share... he wanted it all.
So he pouted while I couldn't share it fast enough.

We crammed too much into that day. After linner, I had to go to class to take a math test. Nothing like doing it all and then some! Luckily, class was just a pit stop.
Then we went to Planet Play, in Draper to meet up with Grandma, Grandpa, Omie and Opa.

He couldn't wait to start playing. And honestly, neither could daddy.

Surprise! Aunt Carebear came along too (because she couldn't make it to his party on Saturday). We had lots of fun playing the games.

Look at that focus!
Have you ever heard of mini-bowling? Its made just for little kids. Brayden could pick up the ball, throw it and all! He LOVED IT!

They also had "Tiny Town" with rides made just for the little ones. Brayden really loved the rides, like the merry-go-round and the cars!

In the end, we used our tickets won to buy Brayden some treats from the prize store. He picked out a red spiked bouncy ball that he hasn't put down yet.

Needless to say he fell asleep as soon as his little body hit the carseat. He had a very 
happy birthday!

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