Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August Birchbox & Review

I kept seeing things about Birchbox all over the blogging world, and was super jealous. Last I had checked, they ran between $20-$28 and I just couldn't justify that for sample sizes, until one day I realized they were only $10! I subscribed to the box and was super excited when it arrived earlier than it was estimated to! 

First off, I loved the packaging! It came in a girly pink shipping box, and inside, this beauty!

Benefit Cosmetics - Triple Performing Facial Emulsion - Full Size $30
I really loved these lotions, and these sample sizes lasted me almost two weeks of daily use! I'm already on the lookout for an awesome sale at Ulta or Sephora so I can snag these babies up!

Amika - Obliphica Blow up Spray - $24
I am always hesitant to try new things in my hair. I have hair that is just hard to work with, so when I tested this out, and fell in love with it, I knew I was in trouble. It also smells GREAT, and at the end of the day, after work, school, working out, and being a mommy, Bubba mentioned how good my hair smelled as we crawled into bed. Win! 

Jasmine Seven- Fresh Feet Wipes - $9.95
I didn't know these existed, let alone that people need these, but we tried them out nonetheless.
Yeah, they're kinda cool, but not for me. However, Bubba tried them out and really liked them.
I guess I'm just not the target market!

Coola - Sport Sunscreen SPF 45 - $32
I cannot get enough sunscreen. I'm white and desperately need it. I love that I keep getting these samples! We as a family all try them out and love to figure out what works and what doesn't!

Jouer - Eye definer - $20
I've never really used eyeliner pencils before I got subscription boxes, and now that I'm getting them I love figuring out the brands, how they work, how to keep them lasting longer. I just love that this pencil goes on subtly, and lasts all day without smudging, but wipes off clean. 

Box Total (according to insert): 115.95
Total Spent: $10.00

Birchbox, you kept me another month! I love this box!

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  1. Look at you! This is actually the first time I'm seeing this box but it does look awesome! I probably could use the sunscreen over here in this scorching heat in AZ! :)