Wednesday, August 21, 2013

WW : A Family Reunion

My dad's side of the family is small enough that Thanksgiving and Christmas counts as holidays. My moms side is almost as small, but with plenty of small extensions. This year we decided to put together a family reunion, and got together this last weekend to celebrate! Here's some photos from the waterfight and the fun with little dude, most people asked not to be on the blog, so I'm not posting the photos out of respect for them!

He kept cracking open the water balloons on himself! 

He found a friend who loved to chase him around all day! 

Waterfight! Everyone went after Bubba! Look at his face in these photos!

Little dude loved pelting his dad!

He thought hitting dad with water balloons was pretty funny...and he was right! 
Overall it was a fun time, great to see everyone again, and to enjoy each other. Hopefully we don't go another ten years before it happens again!