Monday, December 2, 2013

A Post-Op Update

Hey guys!

If you follow me on other social networks, it is no news that I am alive and well. On Instagram, I've been posting photos since the day of surgery, and on Twitter I've been sharing quips of my life since the procedure. I'm hoping to get to blogging this week, but folks, I'm not promising anything.

I did want to post an update and write about the experience! It was unlike anything I've ever experienced - but in a good way!

The day of surgery went so incredibly well. I knew all the anesthesiologists and the resident working with my surgeon was so meticulous and educated that all my fears were calmed. They talked me and my dad, who accompanied me there, through the procedure, let me know what to expect and talked to me about everything I'd need to know.

The hardest part was convincing them that I would not need a narcotic pain medication post-op.
I know, I know, they need to write one to everybody to cover their bases. I know, most people just take the meds and walk away. We had to convince the doctors that I wanted a low-count of Tramadol, and that I'd take tylenol otherwise. They tried to convince me that I would want stronger pain meds and with the holiday, I should just take them, but after the surgery, I didn't need them. Yay!

The bra they put you in after surgery is totally hideous. The nurses assured me that no one would be able to see it under my clothes and that they've gotten better over the years. Guys, even my 82 year old grandma wouldn't wear this ugly thing. But luckily, I only had to wear it for 48 hours and then I was able to wear my own sports bras. Luckily, I still had some (and a nursing bra that didn't fit) and was able to just wear those, which was SO MUCH MORE FLATTERING!

We had a small scare during and after the surgery. Some of the tissue wasn't appearing to "take", meaning that the blood flow wasn't returning to the area after the sutured everything back up. The doctors were able to use a nitro paste to open up blood flow the the area, which meant that in turn, everything was fine...however, all that blood flow has made the area incredibly bruised. It looks gnarly, not going to lie.

Sooo, some numbers for those of you who want to see results (I will post photos when the swelling is all the way down).
Pre Op size: 36 H
Post Op size: 36 C
Lbs lost: 3 (650+ grams total)

The only downside to this whole thing was a massive stomach flu that hit yesterday. Try tossing cookies with stitches in your chest. It sucks.
Otherwise, I am lying low (well, as low as I can, I suck at being a patient), healing and trying to catch up to everything I've been doing. Hopefully I'll be back to posting nail art, DIY's and recipes soon!

Hope you're all doing well!


  1. I am so glad that you are doing good and that everything ended up going great!

    The heavy pain meds just mess with me more than they help me. During my last surgery I just stuck to Tylenol too. I may have been in a bit more pain, but honestly I wouldn't really know.

  2. Hope the healing goes well. So sorry you had the flu afterwards. Ouch!!