Monday, December 16, 2013

December Birchbox Review

I love getting my Birchbox every month. There is something so wonderful about getting a box, full of girly, makeup and beauty supplies each month that really just tickles my fancy. Not to mention how speedy their shipping is! I love always getting it earlier than I expect it to!

Atelier Cologne
Most fragrances I've gotten in boxes are really strong and almost over powering, making it vital to use a small amount. I absolutely love this scent, because it is so soft, almost like baby powder and is far from overpowering. I really like this scent and will be wearing it to work this week, no doubt!

Popcorn Pop Chocolate
This is one of the best, strangest things I have yet to taste. You read the label, thinking its going to taste like chocolate covered popcorn. Some people love it (that'd be me), some people don't (that'd be Bubba). You open the package to see a chocolate, seemingly harmless, in a little perfect oval shape. Take a bite and suddenly, popcorn flavored pop rocks are going off in your mouth while the chocolate dissolves!
While it throws you off, its delicious, really.

Hair spray
I am always in need of a good hair spray, and this one did not disappoint. While it has quite the strong scent, it holds every little hair in place, goes on smooth and stays put for hours! Another product I will be using for work, when the last thing I need is messy fly-aways!

Lait-Creme Concentre
Let's start off by saying this. The instructions on the back say that it was tested under strict supervision of a dermatologist. Maybe I'm the only one who was afraid by that, but I was worried about what I was testing out. Then, when you opened it, it reminded me of a medication you get from a doctors office, you had to pierce it open. That being said, I tested out this cream on my hands and LOVE it. The weather here has been so cold and dry, and harsh and I love how smooth and soft my hands feel now! Trust me, I will be using this questionable cream much more in the future.

Laqa&Co Lil' Lip Crayon
I really liked this crayon, as you can tell by my photo on Instagram. Other reds were just way too red, while this one maintained the color and was still subtle enough for me to wear it and not feel like a Russian hooker. I love it and cannot wait to wear it during Christmas parties!

Want to start recieving products like these for yourself? Click on the link and start getting boxes sent to your door - taking care of yourself is a great New Years resolution!

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